FREE 30 Minute Personal Trainer – Fitness Weight Loss Boot Camp

Many of you may want to loose weight, increase muscle mass, burn body fat, eliminate sugar cravings or… just feel great!

At Girlification Fitness Studio with RVLution Niagara we want everyone to have the chance to exercise.

Come join us every Monday at 7pm for a FREE 30 minute workout.

You’ll have a chance to see what we are about….it’s a basic training session for those who have never exercised, for those who are just starting out & for those who are coming back to exercise.

We are an intimate Studio where all clients get more one-one attention than any other place. Learn the benefits of exercising.

You’ll develop a new appreciation for yourself and your wonderful body.

About RVLution Niagara 12,000 lbs Weight Loss Challenge:

After each workout, you’ll have a chance to try the MonaVie RVL Premier Weight Management System. Designed to stabilize your blood sugar so your body becomes a fat burning machine… that makes sense! That’s what the RVLution really is. It’s a combination of the BEST plan, the BEST support and the BEST products. It’s about ditching the diet, shifting your mindset and understanding that ‘blood sugar stabilization’ will take your body to that next level.

Visit and LIKE for your chance to win monthly RVL products.

Girlification Fitness Studio
163 St. Paul Street
ENTRANCE ON SUMMER STREET (just of off James Street)
Downtown, St. Catharines

Any questions please call or text Lydia at 289-687-2041

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FOR OUR FRIENDS: Bring a friend and get a MonaVie Emv all natural energy drink before your workout. No side effects like those other nasty energy drinks out there… now that’s a good start! (limit 1 to first time participants)

For more info on MonaVie and the RVL products, visit us at

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