My Husband – Certified Nutrition Coach

I am so proud of my husband who has now joined the online community of bloggers. He’s just getting started but check out his new blogpost.
“Since 1991 I have been suffering from an inherited arthritic disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. To explain simply, my bones were fusing together in my neck, back, chest and hips. The pain had gotten so bad I could barely put my own socks on.Until 2009 I was battling the arthritis with injections costing $450 a week, with a huge list of potential side effects. During that time a friend shared with me a fruit juice, called MonaVie, that may help me. I was desperate to find a natural solution and willing to try anything. Within 3 weeks of taking the juice I was able to get off the injections and be 90% pain free.

That was my introduction that a person has a healthy nutritional option over pharmaceutical drugs with possible long-term side effects. Because of my trust in the MonaVie products, I also enjoy using the RVL Weight Management products and have lost 25 lbs of fat and gained lean muscle mass.

During all of this time, I have researched many nutritional options to continue battling my arthritis. This has led to my wife and I now enjoying weekly 5K runs and being a part of a fitness revolution.

During much of this nutritional research, I have come across many nutrition options that can help so many people from arthritis, heart disease, cholesterol, low energy, and even cancer! So I made the decision to become a Certified Nutrition Coach in 2012 so I can help many others that are challenged with pain and disease.

It is my hope, through my experience and knowledge, that nobody needs to suffer.” (Brian Morgenweg)


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