Put your health first with MonaVie Elements™

MonaVie Elements is not simply a new approach to everyday nutrition, it’s a product philosophy harnessing the power of science and nature to help you live a more meaningful life.
Packaged in convenient, easy-to-use packets, Elements are deliciously powerful powders that provide the perfect addition to your daily nutritional regimen. Add them to 8 oz. of water, 2 oz. of your favorite MonaVie health juice, or to one serving of MonaVie RVL™ shake mix.
MonaVie Elements selects only the most diverse, effective, and scientifically validated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients. We combine them with the highest quality supporting ingredients to achieve an optimal potency of possible nutritional benefit.
Women’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Product Overview
MonaVie WM™ doesn’t just support your health, it changes it for the better.
This delicious supplement is fortified to increase energy with natural B vitamins, to help sub-optimal Vitamin D levels, and features natural Vitamin E, and 25 other essential vitamins and minerals. Your unique chemistry demands iron to assist your every day energy needs. And we didn’t forget calcium to strengthen your bones.
MonaVie WM™ is a health-promoting element to protect and nourish your cells for a healthier life today and tomorrow. Look and feel your best while taking on the world with MonaVie WM™.
  • Features 25 essential vitamins and minerals*
  • Promotes optimal health and wellness*
  • Helps protect and maintain cells, tissues…
  • Supports breast and reproductive health*
  • Rectifies nutritional deficiencies*
  • Enhances mood and overall well being*
  • Protects DNA*
  • Optimizes eye, skin, hair, and bone health*
  • Enhances energy metabolism*
  • Helps prevent the signs of aging*
Children’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Product Overview
Bridge your child’s nutritional gaps with MonaVie CH™ vitamin and mineral supplement.
Designed especially to meet the growing needs of kids, this tasty formula provides the essential nutrients needed to strengthen their bodies natural immune system, develop healthy bones and teeth, and correct nutritional deficiencies.
Nutrients are the building blocks of your child’s health, and we’ve carefully scaled our supplements to fit the unique needs of your little ones.
MonaVie CH™ provides 18 essential vitamins and minerals, creating a solid foundation to build on. It’s just what your child needs, with added peace of mind for you. Keep their bodies growing and healthy with MonaVie CH™.
  • Features 18 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Supports brain, eye, and immune health*
  • Helps build strong, healthy bones and teeth*
  • Rectifies nutritional deficiencies*
  • Promotes optimal health and wellness*
  • Protects DNA*
Men’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Product Overview
Vitalize your health with the MonaVie MN™ vitamin and mineral supplement.
Designed to provide far reaching nutritional insurance, this delicious, power-packed formula doesn’t just support your health, it changes it for the better. Every ingredient of MonaVie MN is exactly optimized with MonaVie BioEssence™ to give your body access to essential power and energy with B vitamins, Vitamin D, calcium, and antioxidant strength. Featuring 24 essential vitamins and minerals, MN is a total body health element to increase performance and vitality. Enjoy a healthier life today—and tomorrow—with MonaVie MN.
  • Features 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes optimal health and wellness
  • Helps protect and maintain cells, tissues…
  • Rectifies nutritional deficiencies
  • Supports brain, joint, cardiovascular, and immune health
  • Protects DNA
  • Optimizes eye, skin, and bone health
  • Enhances energy metabolism
  • Helps prevent the signs of aging
Brain Health Product Overview
Smarten up with the MonaVie BR™ brain health supplement: a delicious nutritional element that supports your gray matter by promoting focus and alertness without the jitters.
MonaVie BR tastes so good, you’ll remember to take it every day. Featuring L-theanine and natural caffeine to support cognitive performance, and B vitamins to maintain healthy brain function and assist in preventing brain atrophy.
MonaVie BR™ makes it easy to keep your inner genius operating in peak condition. Do the smart thing and enjoy MonaVie BR™ today.*
  • Supports cognitive performance*
  • Promotes focus and alertness*
  • Maintains healthy brain function*
Glucose Support Product Overview
Achieve a more perfect balance with the MonaVie GL™ glucose support supplement. This unique nutritional element promotes improved glucose metabolism to help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The fiber, banana leaf, chromium, and green coffee bean extracts in MonaVie GL™ have been shown to help promote healthy glucose levels. They’re powerful ingredients to help your body naturally accept and convert glucose more efficiently. Keep your glucose levels in proper balance with MonaVie GL™ today.*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Promotes glucose metabolism*
  • Supports insulin sensitivity*

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